Friday, October 07, 2005


Where does Malcolm McLaren get all his crazy ideas from? There's been some suggestions from time to time that "from other people" is the honest answer, and now that claim is to be tested in court. Composer benjamin Beduneau reckons that Malc pinched his Kill Bill 2 soundtrack offering About Her from his Smith Ballad:

He said he registered the song with the French performers' rights body Sacem in 2003, and is demanding damages and the return of the original recordings.

[Mclaren's lawyer] Mr Ryterband told the court Mr McLaren, who was not at the hearing, had copyrighted the song in the UK and US.

But he admitted Mr McLaren could not play the piano or any other musical instrument.

Everything returns to the French court on November 10th.

Buy one now - every extra sale makes it a little worse for Malcolm...

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Phil said...

Bit peculiar surely, since it was just a remix of "She's Not There"

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