Friday, October 07, 2005


Pretend cockney-pretend lord of the manor Guy Ritchie doesn't really like Madonna's songs. Apparently he prefers, erm, Republican songs:

"I'm not a sympathiser, but I like a song driven by a motive or resistance. I've been left-wing and right-wing in my time and now I couldn't give a fuck. I do like a bit of oppression though - it brings out great art."

We're interpreting his political position as "wet Tory", then; and if he's so convinced that opression makes for great art how come he's crushed under the stiletto of his wife's dwindling greatness and commitment to lunatic cults and yet still churns out tat like Revolver.

Revolver, unfortunately, is so bad it was reduced to paying The Sun
to say something nice about it so it could put something on the poster; ironically, his next movie is going to be about " a women who hires a billboard with her name on it and gets famous.". Revolver did manage to make a profit on its first weekend - helped by a low budget and the old dictum about not going bust underestimating the stupdity of the public.

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karl said...

Guy Richie's fabbo idea about someone who gets famous by putting their name on a billboar is presumably some sort of damning comment on the nature of fame in the modern world. The problem is, of course, there really _is_ someone who achieved fame (of a sort) by appearing on billboards... Angelyne Billboard Queen...

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