Monday, October 03, 2005


You would have thought that living in a castle, you'd be pretty safe. What with them being defensible and fortified, for instance. Oddly, though, Enya - who lives in a Dublin castle - can't seem to stop people breaking in.

Yes, we thought she was asking for trouble living in the Dublin Castle, but apparently this is a proper castle in Ireland we're talking about, and not the legendary indie camden drinks hovel.

Anyway, one time a bloke would prance around the city with a picture of her hanging round his neck; but he stabbed himself after being asked to leave her parents' pub. Then, a few days ago, a bloke had turned up inside the castle, probably muttering about how he was meant to be with her and hoping to find the knicker drawer before the police arrived. And this time, a different bloke turned up, let himself in, tied up a maid and went looking for Enya:

Enya was forced to flee to a safe-room whilst the man spent two hours searching for her. He eventually fled with a number of stolen items when Enya activated a panic alarm but remains at large.

We're not sure why Enya would have spent a couple of hours in the safe room before setting off the alarm - perhaps she was giving the stalkery creepo a sporting chance?

It's not all bad news, though, as this activity comes just a month before she's due to release her fifth album, so at least her name's back in people's minds.

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Miss Templeton said...

You are just so very wicked.

I did 'scoop' you on the anniversary story of Sinéad O'Connor and the Pope's photograph today. Still, will leave her current headline grabbers to your good self.

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