Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Presumably, this is some sort of post-modern joke: The Stone Roses are releasing a new single on Monday. This one:

Sally Cinnamon. We're not joking; check Amazon if you don't believe us

Obviously, it was a great single and its chart position - 46 - was harsh even during the more difficult chart conditions back in 1987. But... why now? It's not even an anniversary divisible by ten.

If it goes Top Ten, wonder if they'll get the band on Top of the Pops?

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Tomsk said...

Why now? Sally C's been rereleased more times than Mark Morrison, Simon. This time apparently, it comes with a DVD featuring the epically shit promo video Black/Revolver records cobbled together to promote the original reissue in 1990. It was this that prompted the lads to improvise that hasty 'redecoration' of the company offices in Wolverhampton - which saw them later arrested and hauled before the beak. Oh and the sleeve has had a half-hour photoshop colouring in as well.

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