Saturday, October 08, 2005


Good news if you're a keen knitter with too much white or red wool - you can get knitting booties for Jakc White and Karen Elson, who are going to have a baby.

Bad news, of course, for music fans, who are now about twenty-four months from an album all about the wonders of little fingers and how children are our futures.

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cheesemeister said...

One wonders what food they'll name her or him after. We have Peaches Geldof, Apple Paltrow (can't remember the husband's last name) and Coco Cox-Arquette. Let's see...How about Lemon White? I'd have suggested Lime, but that simply goes better with Green.
Gosh, if I had been famous when I had my son, his name might be Pomegrante, instead of boring old Michael. Think of the possibilities!
Celebrities are such fun!
Cheez Whiz

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