Saturday, October 08, 2005


Well, there you are - Michael Jackson did slip into Britain (not exactly "slip", more showboat) late last night - so it's possible that he might even record some sort of version of his Can I Touch Your Bottom With My Heart song in aid of Katrina. Unless he's turned up to do his now four year-delayed 9/11 benefit single, of course.

The Sun - who usually are happy to encourage their readership to burn down the houses of anyone who might even look a little bit like a paedophile - seem uncharacteristically thrilled by the appearance of a man who, at best, doesn't understand the need for boundaries:

The crowd of around 100 went wild when Jacko climbed on the roof of his blacked-out people carrier and sang a few lines from one of his new songs.

He then knelt down and prayed before repeating “Thank you” to the crowd in Chiswick.

Chiswick? Chiswick?


Miss Templeton said...

I was 'over there' when the Berlin baby over the railing stunt was pulled, which -- if memory serves -- was followed by the Father Knows Best documentary on the BBC where Michael shook his kid like a cocktail shaker full of formula.

You guys really like talking about Jacko, don't you?

simon h b said...

He's the closest we get these days to carnival sideshows.

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