Monday, October 03, 2005


Figuring that local businesses in Macon, Georgia have been getting fat off the town's most famous son, mayor Jack Ellis asked them for a little back. $75,000, in fact, to throw a lavish hometown gig by Little Richard, to show how proud they are of the boy who done good. (Why they didn't ask Little to show how proud he was of his hometown by coming down a little on the price is unclear.) Now, with just a few days to go, the whole thing is tipping towards debacle-central.

Businesses say they'd love to be able to help pay for the event, but, erm, they've left their chequebooks in their other small town factories right now. The mayor is hoping the ordinary citizens of Macon will be more willing to rescue his scheme and save him from looking a bit of a chump ("willing to help pay for the show".)

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