Monday, October 03, 2005


Because it's fashionable and easy to attack Apple, British music managers in the form of the Music Managers Forum want artists to get more thanfour and a half pence per iTune download. Actually, of course, they're not strictly worried about the precise amount they get from iTunes, it's the percentage royalty they get on downloads (which is 6%, half of what they receive from a physical sale) - and that's down to the deal they've cut with the labels rather than the direct influence of Apple. And it applies to all download services, not just iTunes. But where would be the interest in people demanding a larger share of the download pie?

Of course, the labels might feel that having nagging coming from the producers of the slurry or muso-product or content or whatever dismissive term they use for music at the moment could be an advantage when they settle down to debate terms themselves with Steve Jobs and co - "we need to get more of the money, we need to pay the boys with guitars, Steve..."

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