Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Or so she'd like us to believe. Madonna has been telling the world about what a questioning attitude she brings to religion:

"The rules [of her Christian home] didn't make sense. The rules didn't give any answers, so I was being rebellious for no particular reason.

"I reject the attitude of any religious organisation that does not encourage you to ask questions and do your own exploration."

Odd, that. Not simply because she claimed last week to know absolutely nothing about the rabbi who founded the school of thought upon which the form of Kabbalah she follows is based - not very much exploration shown there, then - but also there's the wider question of just how far the celeb-endorsed Kabbalah encourages its followers to actually ask questions at all - David Rowan reported in The Times "that volunteer workers were warned that the "dark forces" would bring them personal tragedy if they ever left. Other former insiders allege that they were told to abandon unsupportive partners or families at the centre's behest. " Indeed, when Rowan asked some direct questions of the Kabbalah Centre, they decided to not answer directly, but just issued a statement instead.

Presumably, though, Madonna has more success in getting her questions answered - although her questions seem to be more along the lines of "how much more would you like?" and "do you need to have any PR done today?"

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cheesemeister said...

As someone who actually believes that Kaballah (Qabalah) explains a great deal about the mysteries of the universe, I'm embarrassed that someone like Madonna tries to put her own spin on it and make it "trendy." The system of Qabalah comes from ancient Jewish mysticism and is far from "trendy" or "new age."
That being said, like Michael and Janet Jackson, Madonna just keeps getting freakier. I heard that she won't allow her kids to watch television or movies because they might see something untoward, but, according to entertainment reporter Mike Evans (KRFX 103.5 in Denver) she allows her children to look at her "coffee table book" Sex. Remember all the hoopla surrounding this ghastly waste of trees?
Couldn't we just send Madonna, Britney, Janet and Michael to an asteroid? They're a real embarrassment to the human race!

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