Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Interestingly, Damon reckons that the day Graham Coxon went "bugger this" and walked out of Blur, the band died. He was, however, happy to drag the corpse about for a bit, even although it was hollow:

"I got sick of the ritual of performing. I never really liked the last Blur tour. I hated playing the old material. I just found that really depressing without Graham.

"It was a painful experience to play songs that belonged to a band where one member was missing."

Oddly enough, he recently announced the band would be returning to live action. We're picturing some sort of bizarre re-animation technique, like the one Dawn used to resurrect Joyce...


Roadtripper said...

I fucking love how you can think up a Buffy metaphor for everything. Although dear Damon's pining is making me want to go find angsty Blur slash.

'Gra-ham Gra-ham it's a-me a-Damey a-coming for yoooooooou!' he cried, as the wind through the heather whispered, 'boylove...'

Zeinab said...

Ha ha! I miss the Conor Oberst stuff...

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