Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Whatever happened to The Rest of Texas? There used to be a band called Texas, once, with people in it. Blokes - possibly seven or eight of them, certainly hairy ones. Nowadays, though, the band seems to have shrunk to Sharleen Spiteri, and usually only her from the shoulders up. Anyway, she's been excitedly sticking up for her big pal Madonna:

"I know Madonna, she's a lovely lady. She's someone that I really respect," said Sharleen. "She's astounding. It's very hard to be a woman in the music industry and to keep it going for that length of time and to still be making good music – which is what she's doing, it's amazing.

Yes, she's the only woman who's managed to keep it going that long. Apart from Debbie Harry, of course. And Siouxsie. Dolly Parton, Kate Bush, Neko Case and Kate Pierson. Alison Moyet, too, of course. And PJ Harvey. And... well, so on. Of course, it's not quite the same, of course, as none of them have been reduced to doing a cover of American Pie just yet.

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