Tuesday, October 25, 2005


We have a friend who is one of those vegetarians who eats fish and, if presented with the option, would also eat duck on the grounds that it behaves like a fish. At least there's a degree of logic at play there; PETA's sexiest vegetarian Chris Martin apparently eats duck because he can't tell the difference between a cabbage and a bird:

"I sometimes eat things that have been alive, which doesn't really make me a vegetarian. And sometimes I eat things that have breathed just out of spite. I ate some duck the other day by mistake. I thought it was cabbage - that's food colouring for you."

Although, Chris, even vegans and fruitarians eat things that have "been alive", as cutting anything that ever lived out of your diet would even stop you from eating chalk...


Eric2 said...

Cor. Will he eat an apple? or izzat canibalism?

Anonymous said...

He can't tell the difference between a cabbage and a duck? Dumb.

cheesemeister said...

I love those "vegetarians" who eat things like chicken, and when asked how they can be vegetarians they say it's because they don't eat red meat!
Hell with it--I'll eat anything that wasn't a friend in a previous life!

Deanna said...

He is not intelligent enough to be a vegetarian. PERIOD!!! We have standards!!

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