Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Apart from the whole creepy grown man under suspicion of being overfond of small children announcing that he thinks he's okay to have complete stranger's kids sleeping in his bed, one of the most memorable parts of Martin Bashir's Living With Michael Jackson freakarama was the bit where jacko went shopping.

Not being like other people, Jacko's approach to purchasing was to spot something - usually something horrible - and then to summon an assitant with a "woo-hoo" to have the item placed in his car. The shop assumes that someone from Jackson's people will be round to settle up later. But sometimes, nobody comes. He pulled this stunt in May last year.

Now, after all this time, and reluctantly, Jacko's people have returned the antiques he'd scooped into his safe keeping.

While he's working through his returned goods, does anyone know how to get a dove back into a box?

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