Saturday, October 01, 2005


Without wanting to even think about the sort of person who'd pay a thousand pounds to see Robbie Williams (unless it's in the context of a sentence which ends "... being chased along a cul-de-sac by three hungry lions"), we're wondering if Robbie Williams secret London Astoria gig tonight is, officially, the worst-kept secret in history? Especially now Kate Moss' drug use is no longer even a supposed secret.

In fact, the only way we can assume this secret gig is in any way is if they haven't told Robbie he's doing it - we'd imagine that he would manage to remain in the dark since his media consumption is hardly likely to extend much beyond a quick scan of the headlines in The Dandy and twenty minutes staring at the front of the Daily Sport chanting "I like girls... I like girls..." every day.

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