Saturday, October 01, 2005


The Met really are throwing themselves heavily into investigating the Kate Moss drugs complaint - although, of course, it's still not clear who actually made the complaint - with the force making a high-profile raid on the studio where Moss and Pete Doherty were filmed doing coke.

There's no reason to wonder about the timing of this raid - only a cynic would wonder why, when they've had a fortnight to conduct a search of the premises, they elected to leave it until the very day Ian Blair was coming under pressure again with the discovery that he attempted to block an investigation into the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes and begged the Home Secretary to "suspend" the law which required an independent enquiry. It's not like there'd be any reason to assume that in a high-profile case where the owners of a site of an alleged crime knew there might be a search conducted, you'd want to do that search as quickly as possible, is it?

Meanwhile, the Mirror seems to have forgotten its own take on the Kate Moss story:

Kate, who has checked into a £1,500-a-day rehab clinic in Arizona - where she will share a room with addicts and submit to the tough regime - is expected to be quizzed by police next month.

"Share a room with addicts", eh? But, surely, Daily Mirror, you've been telling us for two weeks that Kate herself is an addict? Because if she wasn't, why would you have bounced her off into rehab? Curious.

The police went off carrying some bags, apparently.

Meanwhile, Pete Doherty has made it as far as Manchester - "only twenty minutes late". The Manchester Evening News asks its readers to send their opinions on Doherty:

Is Pete Doherty all hype and no talent or is he one of Britain's greatest ever rock stars?

Faced with those two extremes, it's hard to know what to pick: clearly he isn't one Britain's greatest ever rock stars, but then he's not untalented either.

Although the talent does seem a little shaky when you start to look at it - the Surrey Comet has been listening to Babyshambles' Bollywood to Battersea to try and work out exactly what he's on about:

Could someone deconstruct these lyrics and explain why the star's attention had fallen on the borough?

A speedy reply came. "The only person who can really give you the information you need is Peter, as he wrote the song. Unfortunately, he is not doing any interviews at the moment," said a spokesman.

Of course, there's nothing to say that a great songwriter has to be understandable. But if even his own press team don't have a clue what he's wibbling off about, it might suggest that much of Doherty's mystique is all puff and no flash.

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