Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Aw, poor old 50 Cent has trouble even pretending to have sex. He was all uncomfortable filming the sex scenes for Get Rich or Die Tryin':

"I got comfortable working on the other scenes, then when we got to the love scene, it was a little different.

"It's almost like being in a room naked with a bunch of people around you. In that case, it was 34 people on the set, it was tough."

Clearly, then, there was one thought: "34 people... I bet one of them spots my tiny pee-pee..."


dr entropy said...

"Its almost like being in a room naked with a load of people around you" - isn't it exactly like being in a room naked and surrounded by people?

simon h b said...

three words: flesh coloured tights

Please Stop, Ellie Mae said...

I heard that he walked right onto the set wearing absolutely nothing. The actress in the scene had to tell him that wasn't how its done. Laughed for about two minutes straight after I heard that.

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