Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Has Gennaro Castaldo quit? Has he fallen ill, with bird flu or shingles? Has he taken a holiday, like lesser men? The world of Gennaro Castaldo watchers are shocked to discover, in BBC News' report on the Kate Bush versus Il Divo chart battle, that HMV have sent someone other than Gennaro Castaldo to state the bleeding obvious:

"It's not surprising that their new album looks set to get off to a chart-topping start," said HMV's head of music Phil Penman.

"Despite 'crossing-over' from a classical background, I suspect they'll be taking on the likes of Eminem, Madonna and Robbie to be the biggest-selling artists of the Christmas period."

Despite "a massive day one rush" on Monday, HMV did not expect Bush's album sales to exceed those of Il Divo.

Nevertheless Mr Penman said: "I can see this album becoming yet another classic, which, despite being a double-CD, will sell consistently well in the coming weeks."

Nevermind the empty statements, what has happened to Gennaro, Penman? What have you done with our hero? If we're going to be told stuff that we could work out for ourselves, we want to be told it by Gennaro, not you, you Phil-come-lately.


bodil said...

"Phil Penman Watch" really doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?

Here's hoping our favourite spokesperson is back soon to make more pointless statements...

Anonymous said...

i worked at hmv oxford street in 1989. i can't *for the life of me* remember who it was who was known to enjoy receiving blowjobs by heavily lipsticked young members of staff. his initials might well have been 'gc'. but my memory is not what it was :)

Anonymous said...

I used to work with Phil Penman - he was known as Phil 'tin tin' Penman back then, mind.

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