Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Thom Yorke has aired his views on the current climate change meeting in Montreal, and it's fair to say he's not expecting much of positive outcome:

"So the UN are meeting in Montreal to decide what to do after the Kyoto protocol and already the US administration has buried its witless head in the fucking sand, refusing to take part.

"You can even see the strings being pulled. This is true evil. And on TV they are talking about the Sahara and how global warming will destroy the lives of millions who live there soon."

He added: "Oh and the weather man says how we've got caught out by extreme snowfall, highly unusual. Cue footage of stranded motorists, but hey it'll be nice for the kids, cue tobogganing footage. And business leaders are meeting Tony Blair tomorrow to express their concern about gas supplies. Fuck business leaders, what about the rest of us?

"If every property in the country had solar panels or mini wind turbines, just like it has a water supply and a satellite dish perhaps we wouldn't need new nuclear power stations that we can't afford to please these fucking business leaders."

Of course, the big question is how come, if we're so at risk from terrorists that we need to abandon all our human rights in order to save ourselves, it makes sense to build giant, unprotectable nuclear bombs all over the country anyway? Of course, they'd try and make them safe, but Tony Blair - presumably the most protected person in the country - was forced to do a major speech from the CBI equivalent of Philip Schofield's broom cupboard today because they couldn't stop people clambering into the roof of the conference hall. Of course, the arguments that nuclear power is environmentally friendly are equally spurious, but since a child of three can see the problems about building enormous concrete structures and then digging up fuel and carting it halfway across the globe and then having no idea what to do with the shit left over may outweigh the advantages of these clean fuels, we dont really need to hammer that point home, do we?

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