Tuesday, November 15, 2005

BITTER MEN OF ROCK: Frankie Poullain

To be fair, after he was shoved out the way and had his name downmarked all over town, you wouldn't expect Frankie Poullain to be exactly thrilled with the new Darkness single. But he's more bitter than you might expect a man who got off a waggon just before it spun off the road to be:

The dumped bassist believes that in tackling drugs ‘One Way Ticket’ “insults” people with narcotics addictions.

He ranted: “As for Justin’s claim the song is all about redemption, it’s hardly Marvin Gaye or Bob Marley now, is it? I think it’s insulting to people with real difficulties.”

“Justin? A mega megalomaniac? No, not really, he’s just a victim of the lifestyle. Unless you were in the druggy clique or the fawning circle of ass-kissers, you’d find yourself persona non grata. Hence I’m now a free agent.”

We're trying to decide if we'd choose the druggy clique or fawning circle from those two options. Probably the clique, as it sounds like the holidays would be better there.

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