Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Apparently, there was nothing which could have stopped Mark Chapman's plans to kill John Lennon. Chapman has given an interview to NBC show Dateline in which he describes his quest to kill Lennon as being "like a runaway train":

"I heard a voice in my head saying, 'Do it, do it,'" Chapman recounted. "And as he passed me I pulled out the gun, aimed at his back and pulled the trigger five times in succession."

Chapman recalled that his desire to kill Lennon began one day in his apartment in Hawaii, where he was sitting on the floor and looking at the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album. His animosity soon began to consume Chapman.

"There was a successful man who kind of had the world on a chain, so to speak, and there I was, not even a link of that chain, just a person who had no personality," Chapman said. "And something in me just broke."

You do wonder when Chapman says nothing could have stopped him if he'd at least paused for a moment if he'd been told that all he was going to do was turn the Beatle into some saintly figure for the rest of eternity, and made Imagine into a hymn for religious people who like to believe they're agnostics and atheists who hope they're religious.

And is it just us, or is the concept of someone derving time for murder doing an interview just a little bit icky? We don't support the death penalty in any shape or form, but maybe there should be something about maintaining a media silence in the whole murder sentence. Otherwise we're going to end up with Celebrity Convict Big Brother.


Anonymous said...

Mark David Chapman was just the idiot that shot Lennon. Lennon was killed because he defied the US government by criticizing it, AND managing to stay in the US.
He won that fight, then retired for 5 years to raise Sean.

If he had stayed retired, he'd still be alive. But Lennon came out of retirement, and some leftover J. Edgar Hoover type decided to have him killed.

Chapman was the 'patsy' that did it, like Lee Harvey Oswald was the guy that killed Kennedy; then Jack Ruby shot Oswald to shut him up.

Having said that, dragging out Mark David Chapman is a cheap, sleazy, shitty way to get ratings.

Cob said...

Ah now come on, Anon, the Lennon conspiracy theory is one of the weaker ones out there - not quite as bad as the Di one, but on its way.

The idea that some FBI guy had trained Chapman to kill Lennon doesn't stand up to any scrutiny for motive reasons alone - if they'd brainwashed Chapman before JL came out of retirement there was no motive at all - if after, they'd surely have realised that the 1980 version of Lennon was a MOR artist who had mellowed almost entirely and had nothing left to say. And who ordered it -Carter? Hardly seems plausible to me. Were the FBI working on Nixon's orders eight years on?

There isn't a shred of evidence worth anything about that theory of yours.

Anonymous said...

Chapman is just a pathetic non entity who was consumed with jealousy by the success of one man. It was just trajic for JL that Chapman's twisted little mind happened to fix on him. Chapman could have been looking at any albumn cover when his inadequate, immature mindset helped decide that he hated Lennon. To have him on TV to talk about it is beyond the pale. What next? Milosovich on Letterman with maybe a finale dueting "My Way" with Saddam.The TV company really needs to take a good long look at itself.

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