Thursday, November 17, 2005


This weekend's discovery of Gary Glitter giving his scooter backseat to teenage Vietnamese girls has been picked up by the local press, leading to Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le Dung announcing the cops are after him:

"If we have evidence of child sexual violation, very strict legal measures would be applied," Dung said, adding that Glitter had since disappeared.

It's unlikely that Glitter - real name Ayews K. D. Pawn - would have gone to Cambodia; he's been kicked out of the country twice and is banned from returning. And he's unlikely to have come back here, as he "forgot" to sign the sex offenders register before he headed off to the Far East.


cheesemeister said...

When is somebody going to finally catch that perv in the act and put him in jail?
And when oh when are we going to choose a new "goal celebration" song for sporting events instead of giving a child molester props??? Can this world be any stupider?

Tsee Yung said...

Latest word is $4000 to each family gets their cooperation. Once again, money buys someone a tix out of serious trouble.

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