Monday, November 14, 2005


Really, really obsessed, in a slightly stalkerish way. Every interview he seems to be finding something else about Martin to complain about. This time, it's his behaviour at Band Aid:

“During Band Aid Chris swanned in, stayed for about 20 minutes — and had his own VIP area. We were there for two days and worked our behinds off.

“He obviously didn’t care. I got the sense he was just doing it to raise his profile.”

Looking relaxed with his feet up at Bizarre’s London HQ
[i.e a desk in The Sun's newsroom in the middle of nowhere], Justin also had a dig at Chris’s support for the Make Trade Fair campaign.

He joked: “This ‘make fairs safe’ stuff he does gets on my nerves. It’s all a bit cheap.”

So... Chris Martin swanned in and gave 20 minutes to a campaign to raise awareness of African debt, which wasn't enough, but goes on too much about a campaign to raise awareness of African debt? And if he only turned up at Band Aid to raise his own profile, wouldn't he have hung around for two days grandstanding for the camera and, say, working his ass off when all he had to do was sing a line or two, like... oh, I'm sure there was someone who did that, but I forget their name now. If only I had last year's People of Today to hand...

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