Monday, November 07, 2005

POPOBIT: Mana 'China' Nishiura

DMBQ and Shonen Knife live drummer Mana "China" Nishiura has died after a three-car pile-up in Delaware. The other members were also injured.

Originally intending to become a guitarist, China claims she became a drummer instead due to financial constraints (she could just about afford drumsticks when she started out). Inspired by Moe Tucker and Yo La Tengo's Georgia Gubley, China wasn't exclusive about whose stool she would sit on. Besides her work for DMBQ and Shonen Knife, who she joined in 2001, she was also playing for Rashinban, Jesus Fever, Teem, Music Start Against Young Assault and Cel.

The other members of DMBQ have been, or are expected to be, released shortly. Michelle Cable, the Panache Magazine journalist who was tour-managing, was also injured in the accident and is expected to be detained in hosptal while she recovers from head surgery.