Monday, November 07, 2005


Come February 2006, we'll find out if all those emails and petitions and marches pleading with Bobby Gillespie to return to the days of Sonic Flower Groove have had any effect: Primal Scream return with a new album.

We're not expecting very much indiejangle, to be honest.


acb said...

Their last one sounded like a clapped-out blues busker who had discovered his teenage son's Nine Inch Nails CDs and decided to imitate them. Wonder what this one will sound like.

Anonymous said...

whatever it sounds like, it'll still have the campest, slightest man in rock coming on like some white-hot druggie revolutionary with a second hand stones soundtrack that the producer's put some beats to. I seen yi flounce oot o' Sainsbury's Local oan Essex Road, Gillespie ya big jessie. - Elvis

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