Tuesday, November 22, 2005


What do you do when your money really does outweigh your sense? Actually, in Robbie's case, we imagine when he first reached the point where he had more money than sense he said "Ten pounds? Thanks, gran!", but now he's really shown how empty his life is: he's spent eight million pounds on a luxury yacht. The boast, sorry, boat, is called MyRW.

Another famous rich idiot called Rob who had a yacht was Robert Maxwell. Fingers crossed, then.


dr entropy said...

I like the way that he "escapes the limelight" by sailing round in a huge fuck off yacht - with his name on it!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that he isn't gay? Or doe sit menat tha the is? I am confised (like Robbie!!!)

I note that he has announced that he really wants to work with George Michael. But I wouldn't read anything into that. Oh, no.

Eyetie said...

Maxwell called his yacht "Lady Ghislane" after somebody he loved (his daughter) unlike Our Robby who has...oh, I see.

Ah - but unlike Robert Maxwell, Our Robby hasn't sought to steal millions of pounds from innocent people. Other than through his piss-poor CDs which should carry a money-back guarantee (and something extra to cover the aural abuse).

This is before anyone mentions the Robert "I was in Mossad" Maxwell vs Robbie "I wanna be Bond" Williams connection...

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