Tuesday, November 29, 2005

ROCK SICK LIST: Funeral cancelled

Funeral For A Friend had been due to head off to the US for a tour-type thing, but drummer Ryan Richards has got a belly problem and kept the whole lot at home. Statementing:

Unfortunately Ryan has been ill and needs treatment here in the UK to remedy his illness, this means that we will be unable to play the shows we had in place along the east coast of the USA and Canada this November/December. We are very, very sorry about this but we want Ryan to get better. We were all looking forward to this tour and meeting up with the friends we have made so far on our trips to the USA but when it comes to situations like this we made a conscious decision that Ryan should be allowed to recover. We truly hope that everyone will understand this, we appreciate all of our fans and all of their commitment to us and we promise to come back even stronger in the new year for the Taste of Chaos US tour."

Still, it's not like they could have found someone to fill in for him, could they?

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