Thursday, November 17, 2005


Romeo from the So Solid Crew has been cleared of wounding with intent by an Old Bailey jury. The jury accepted his explanation that his presence at the slashing of Ejay Armstrong's face after a night out in Leicester Square had been in an attempt to make peace rather than cutting him to pieces.

Romeo's account of the incident started off sounding more like a pitch to join the 3AM Girls:

"As we exited the club we walked towards the car park. We saw lots of press hanging around.

"There was quite a few famous people along the road at the back, walking or in cars. The Sugababes were there. Charlotte Church was there and members of a group called Big Brother were there as well."

Returning to the car park, he found a big crowd of people.

"There was a lot of thumping sounds and the first thing going through my mind was 'where's my brother?' I had to look out for him. I saw these guys with weapons. I was not acting aggressively. I was just trying to call for my brother."

Romeo said he split people up. "All I was trying to do was cool it down or stop it. I was more or less lecturing everyone. I was the peacemaker."

Despite London mayor Ken Livingstone making a public speech singling out the So Solid Crew for being responsible for inspiring violent crime amongst the city's youth during the trial, the jury accepted Romeo's story.

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