Friday, November 18, 2005


Korn used to avoid doing television - because, of course, it wouldn't look cool to be dancing like monkeys to Jay Leno's command when you're as, uh, deep and in pain as Korn are. Oh no.

But then they've realised that it might be costing them sales. Looking c ool is important, but not when you can't afford a dessert at a fancypants restaurant. Trouble is, how do you explain why, all of a sudden, you're popping up on Saturday Night Live? Jonathan Davis has come up with a face-saving formula:

"We had a thing against doing TV for a long time because of the way it sounded and the way bands came across on it. But there have been leaps and bounds with the technology, so we're going to be giving it a try."

We're not sure what the new technology is that has come in in the last year - rumours abound of magic 'make any old shit sound good' mixers being installed at NBC's studios, but cannot be confirmed - but how splendid that it's allowing Korn to appear on TV just as their core audience starts to let go of their teenage music choices.

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Eyetie said...

On Saturday Night Live, you say? As past-parody, post-success rockers, maybe Jonathon can do a post-modern Wayne's World with Fred Durst in the Garth role.

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