Wednesday, November 16, 2005


More phrases to chill your blood: How does "Travis have got 20 new songs grab you?

Apparently, they have, according to Dougie Payne's website:

We've got about 20 songs recorded. This includes stuff we did in Westside earlier in the year and one tune goes back to the sessions we did with Eno last December.

"We've got two weeks in here this time around and reckon most of the time will be spent finishing off those things that need more work but we decided to start off the session with trying a new song.

Good God, man, is not twenty enough? Why record more - it's like a country having enough weapons to destroy the planet a dozen times over but still building more warheads, isn't it?


Eyetie said...

And Eno knows Ono...

Like the glut of Elvis singles, the plan is obviously to cash in on postmodern miserableness before Radiohead patent the notion and make Travis, Coldplay, JJ72 and Elbow pay royalties. Expect a last-minute compilation "Now That's What I Call A Real Reason To Sound Pissed Off".

wes said...

not really, it's very normal to write and record a bunch of songs and then scrap a bunch and end up with a normal amount for the record

ian said...

"finishing off those things that need more work"

Hurrah. I'm thinking the drummer and the swimming pool, myself.

simon h b said...


You can only scrap tracks if you're able to recognise they're sub-standard. A band which released U-16 Girls as a single - a single - clearly has no such judgement.

Unless... good god, they couldn't be writing stuff that's worse than the things which get released, could they?

Andrew said...

Ian... there's a rock that needs crawling under.

wes said...

simon: i reckon tastes differ lol

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