Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Is Justin Hawkins working his way through rock in alphabetical order, or is his constant stream of nitpicking and fault-finding (yes, yes, we know: mote and beam) done at random?

Today's target is Pete Doherty:

"I'd say firstly (Pete) doesn't do rock music, and secondly, he only sells records because people are curious as to what a junkie sounds like," Hawkins told Orange World. "I think that's really wrong and really irresponsible...I think he's a talentless waste of fucking skin!"

Drummer Ed Graham added: "You wouldn't mind so much if the bloke had written a song that was good enough to justify all his publicity, but he's not got a good song in his body. I would like to smash him in the face really hard. I hate everything about him. He should be on the plate. Served up on Sunday, with a selection of veg," to which Hawkins replied "You wouldn't eat that. You wouldn't put that fucking poison in your mouth would you?"

Of course, there's nothing much to be said in favour of being a junkie, but on the other hand: isn't threatening to beat up someone because they've been weak enough to get trapped in drug addiction a little bit insensitive?


Tomsk said...

The Darkness come across as really nice guys don't they? Silly sods.

Anonymous said...

The Darkness there, whose new single is in no way about drugs...

roadtripper said...

Ah, denial's such a sweet sweet dish best served... um, with added smack all round.

Hawkins' obsession (and it really is an obsession; this is at least the third bitching session I've read) with Doherty is blinding him to the schoolboy error he's making- going on and on about how much he loathes him is only making it all the more obvious that he is in fact lusting and pining over him.

And how much he desperately wants that fucking poison in his mouth.

(that does nothing for me though)

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