Tuesday, November 15, 2005


We wonder why Robbie Williams is obsessed with the X-Factor? Could it be that he finds the concept of totally talent-free irritants being constantly encouraged to sing on the television to be strangely comforting?

Actually, we're not convinced that Williams really is that bothered about the show, as we've only got Kate Thornton's word for it:

X Factor presenter Kate Thornton told Heat magazine: "Rob is as obsessed with the show as the rest of the country. He was watching it illegally on the internet in LA, so now we send him tapes.

"I think Robbie thinks that Shayne has a good chance of winning."

But hang about a moment... Robbie was downloading the programme off Bittorrent, and instead of being drummed into court and sent solicitor's letters, he gets sent tapes instead? But isn't Robbie one of those "internet savvy men in their twenties and thirties" who are causing so much trouble? Why should some people get sued and some get goodies for doing the same thing with copyright material owned by the entertainment industries?

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