Friday, November 18, 2005


Interesting, the suggestions that "Hollywood" is looking at Will Young's role in the new Judi Dench movie Mrs Henderson Presents and is thinking "he could be the new Hugh Grant comes entirely from Will Young's spokespeople. In the same way that I could probably hire someone to talk about me as the likely next editor of the Sunday Telegraph, then:

“They really like him. Recently the only English gent they’ve had is Hugh Grant. They see Will as a cooler, younger version of that type who can sing, dance and also do comedy. He’s the whole package as far as they are concerned. And his meetings tie in really nicely because next year we’ll be launching his music in the States too.”

We're betting Hollywood is having Will pitched to them as "how would you feel if there was a Hugh Grant type we could guarantee wouldn't be caught getting blowjobs off some random girl on the side of the road...?"

Back in the real world, The Sun has a bizarre picture of Will peering excitedly into a filthy old helmet:

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Eyetie said...

Will: So *that's* where Gareth Gates got to!

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