Tuesday, December 06, 2005


We might give the impression that we don't think Madonna is really all that smart (there being a difference between 'smart' and 'shrewd', of course), but, buy, were we wrong. For example, take country sports. She was thrilled when she became an English lady, as she was keen to try her hand at country pursuits like shooting. But then she discovered a horrifying fact: if you shoot birds, they drop out the sky:

"I was mad for shooting a couple of years ago. I loved my bespoke outfits and everything.

"Then a bird dropped in front of me that I'd shot. It wasn't dead. It was really suffering. Blood was gushing out of its mouth. I haven't shot since. I realised that I had a kind of bloodlust and was manically shooting as many birds as possible."

Lots of dimwitted people doing pointless shooting and blood everywhere? Is she sure she was on a game farm and not watching Guy making a movie?


Anonymous said...

dimwitted??? there the people who live in the countryside dumbass, DON'T BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE IN THE MEDIA!!!!!!!!

simon h b said...

Well, admittedly, Madonna does own a big chunk of the British countryside but I don't know if that actually means that the Ritchie-Ciccones are on a par with the Archers or the Grundys. Certainly, though, I would stand by my characterisation of Madonna (and, I suppose, by extension, the other sorts who drive out the city for a day shooting stuff) as dimwitted.

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