Saturday, January 21, 2006


There are lots of reasons why bands come to an end - quite often, it's because the guitarist has slept with the drummer's wife, and the bassist has stolen the lead singer's trousers to sell for drugs one too many times. Usually the given reason is a grunted "musical differences". Seldom, though, do you hear a band saying they've given up because they don't feel comfortable being in a band named after a blues song any more. That's the reason for the end of No Rock favourites the 22-20s, though:

Listening to Lightnin' Hopkins,Albert King and Buddy Guy made me want to pick up a guitar.What immediately made me fall in love with blues was the rawness,simplicity and the truth of it.I wanted 22-20s to be about taking that essence and using it as fuel to create something both we and other people could relate to.I think initially most bands wear their influences on their sleeve but for a number of reasons we've not been able to go beyond that first stage. It was always our desire to start writing and recording a follow-up record as soon as the first studio album was recorded.That didn't happen-we toured for a year and a half.There is a prevailing myth within music that touring is always the hard-working,'honest' way to connect with people.The reality for us is that it put us in a state of arrested development at a crucial time.I think it is difficult to move away from a certain sound when you are reminded of it every night.Unfortunately we were not surrounded by people who understood that. Honesty is about playing songs you passionately believe in,playing in a band you passionately believe in and I am no longer able to say that about 22-20s. I am no longer comfortable being in a band named after a blues song. Much like the last record it indicates where I was four years ago and what I was listening to.It doesn't accurately reflect what I listen to now and where I want to go. I'm no longer comfortable with people's perception of what we represent. Being in a hardworking, British-blues touring band has never been something I've wished to endorse yet that's we what appear to have drifted into.In light of this, a decision has been made to call it a day and to go our seperate ways. Thank you to everyone who helped us out,came to the gigs,listened to the music...also thanks to Neil Gilbert at the unofficial site and everyone on our Myspace for taking an interest in what we've done. I'm currently working on some new songs and will post updates here as and when there is something to say. Hopefully sooner rather than later, Thank you again, Martin
22-20sIf you have to sound like the things you were listening to four years ago, there are worse things to sound like. Get hold of the album before they disappear.

[Thanks to Sam Barnes for letting us know.]


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"Being in a hardworking, British-blues touring band has never been something I've wished to endorse yet that's we what appear to have drifted into."

hmmm, that wasnt the impression i got when i interviewed the little fucker last year, and he bored me to death with half an hour of drivel about how he loves them old blues maaaaaan. oh well, actually he was a nice guy. pretty good band too - pity they fucked it up.

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