Saturday, January 21, 2006


It's a shame her music is so Cullumesque, as we think we could quite like Katie Melua if she didn't do that. Because who could really dislike someone who's given a break to a complete unknown busker as support on her tour. Apparently, it's because Alex McEwan kept emailing her, and rather than calling the cops she gave him a slot:

"I had been trying for ages to get a decent support slot through the official channels, but I was always told nothing was happening.

"I decided to contact Katie's manager Mike Batt directly after reading an article about him.

"I told him that he'd inspired me to keep going and to release my own album independently and emailed him a few times.

"I then got a call the week after New Year to tell me I'd been booked for the tour."

This only makes it odder that she still hasn't responded to our constant email bombardment asking her to stop making crap records.

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