Saturday, January 21, 2006

3AM INERFNAL: They Predict A Riot

Can you imagine it? The scene as Robbie Williams and 50 Cent meet in the Ritz Carlton hotel, their first time in the same place since they had a handbag waggle over 50 Cent's noise in a Berlin hotel. It's a recipe for fireworks. It hasn't actually happened, though; it just might. But, desperate for an exclusive, the 3am Girls are reporting something that might happen in the future, but probably won't.

Here, then, are some stories they might want to think about for next week:

The Kaiser Chiefs might tour America at some point in the future. There are bears in America. What would happen if Ricky Wilson was eaten by a bear?

The Arctic Monkeys use the internet to promote their music. Phishers use the internet to get bank account details. Could the Arctic Monkeys lose all their money to an internet scam?

Pete Doherty might be going to prison. Some people use drugs in prison. Is Pete Doherty going to develop a drugs habit?

Gay people sometimes stay in hotels. Robbie Williams is staying in a hotel. If you sleep in a hotel bed, you are, in effect, sharing that bed with all the other customers who have ever used it. Sometimes, hundreds of people share the same bed in this sense. There is absolutely no reason why a very high proportion of those men might not be gay. Will Robbie Williams be sharing a bed with hundreds of gay men tonight?

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Anonymous said...

RW and Fiddy! Two of the least gay men I can think of! Possibly. What a coupling!

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