Thursday, January 19, 2006


How do you judge when you've made it? The money? The fans? The groupie prepared to let you do that thing that you've only ever read about on the internet? No, it's when you get the novelty cover version of your hit - the lounge version, the Wurzels, the acapella reworking - or a barbershop quartet. It's the latter that the Kaiser Chiefs have achieved, with Cheshire Chord Company turning up with their take on I Predict A Riot.

Anyone interested in making an Arctic Monkeys track in plainsong?


thensheappeared said...

My husband, for reasons known best to himself, bought the 'Max and Paddy's Power of Two fitness video'. It's quite funny in parts but the best bit for me was realizing the pan pipes in the background are playing I predict a riot and then Everyone's changing by Keane.

Maybe that's why he's not actually done the routines?

Simon said...

The fast moving world of showbusiness: said cover has been on the Kaisers' own website for a good month now. One of them is a friend of the band's mum, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what I thought, Simon. Mark Radcliffe played it on his show before Christmas. But I heard it was that a member of the chorus is the mum of one of the band's roadies...

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