Wednesday, January 18, 2006


If you ever wondered if the Brits organisers were free to book who they wanted, and really pull together a brilliant show, the news that Jamie Foxx is going to "make Kanye West's performance better" gives you your answer: somebody has decided that Foxx needs a robust platform to launch his British musical career from, and the Brits have decided to fall in with what their label paymasters want:

According to a source said: "Jamie's going to come over with (West) and sing for the Brits. It's just eight weeks before the big push to make Jamie a music star over here with the release of his album. The timing is perfect."

Isn't it just?

We do find ourselves wondering if Foxx had won awards for playing a surgeon rather than a singer, would we now be watching him scrub up down the Bevendean General?

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Eyetie said...

I'm looking for to them doing the remix of Gold Digga ("George Bush doesn't Like Black People") with backing vocals by Faria and the Stephen Lawrence Trust singing "ditto Big Brother voters and the Met".

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