Saturday, January 14, 2006


The phrase chosen to describe DMX's new contact with Sony-Columbia is that he's coming out of retirement. That retirement, of course, was kind of enforced, what with him being sent down after all that business of driving an SUV through airport security while off his head on drugs and pretending to be an FBI agent and... well, DMX clearly doesn't want to focus on the past.

Not his past, anyway. He's happy to investigate the past dealings of his more recent record label, DefJam:

"When I first went to Def Jam it was like a dream come true. It was a blessing because I was invited to a home. Then they sold the house on me and left me with people I didn't know that didn't give a fuck about me."

And what was worse is every time he rang up to complain about the broken tap in that house, he could only get hold of the metaphorical landlord's wife who said the landlord was out helping sick kids for charity and he'd be round in the morning. Or something.

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