Saturday, January 14, 2006


BBC News is assembling a panel of music industry figures who know as much as anyone about what the thinking in the offices of the entertainment corporations are when it comes to the internet to take your questions about it all. Go on, ask them something.

People are already getting straight to the point:

When are the media industries going to stop stealing content from the public by lobbying governments to extend copyright lengths?

We expect to hear nothing but reasonable answers.

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tsncentre said...

As with most things, in theory, this sounds like a great idea. However, in reality, we all know that they'll just fob people off, complain that we don't "understand the process involved".

I've asked that in the realms of digital technology we're allowed a live webcast so they can't get away with fobbing us off, somehow I don't feel that my question will make the cut!

More importantly, why couldn't they have put our friend Gennaro on the panel instead of Steve Knott? At least that way we'd have been guaranteed a laugh a minute by a guy who has no concept of what his customers want.

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