Saturday, January 14, 2006


Those of you blessed with long memories and cursed with sleeping problems may find yourself wondering, in the small hours, whatever happened to that Murray Lachlan Young? Just under a decade ago - back when poetry was taking its turn as the new rock and roll - EMI signed him up for what was supposedly a million pound deal. Of course, Young was rubbish - his most famous work, Simply Everybody's Taking Cocaine, just reeked of the worst sort of Loose Ends filler material; he dressed in velvet to suggest Lord Byron but looked more like Mr Buyrite; and, of course, EMI had signed up without a clue what to do him. They tried to make him into a popstar; he broke his contract with a Mariah Carey style financial settlement, and he disappeared.

He's back now, though - tempted out of hiding by Attila The Stockbroker. The new material? It's things like "Is It Wrong To Wear The Thing?", so we suspect there's still going to be a welcome at Ned Sherrin's right hand.

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