Saturday, January 14, 2006


There's been some interesting half-assed conclusion drawing from XTN's mini-music-market survey, and if there's half-assed conclusions to be drawn somewhere, we want to be involved.

Much of the excitement has come from the discovery that iPod owners download less illegal filesharing music online than owners of other or no mp3 players. The Register speculated "that iPod users are either scrupulously honest or more paranoid they'll get sued by RIAA than owners of lesser music players."

However, there is another possibility. The survey also found that iPod owners buy 0.14 singles a month, on average, less than other people. Now, they do buy albums in slightly greater quantities than non-iPodders, but the reluctance to invest in the sugary, sweet hit of singles coupled with the purchase of a music player that is as much about style and design as about being able to play music well does raise the question: could it be that a large portion of iPod owners are less interested in music, and so not that arsed about seeking out individual tracks from the internet?


Alex said...

Yes, iPods have become more of a fashion statement than an MP3 player.

Tim said...

Thats stupid, how could it be more of a fashion statement than an MP3 player. It is an MP3 player, that is pretty much its sole reason for being a product. Thats what it was designed as, thats what it actually is.

It could have fashion conitations attached to it but for the iPods main function of being an MP3 player to be taken over as a fashion statement is ridiculous.

How could wearing something that everyone else has be a fashion statement in the first place?

Let alone paying a huge price for a fashion statement that isnt even close to a fashion statement.

Its easy too see how the iPod could be viewed like this because it is the best product on the market with the best marketing and social exposure. hence everyone wants one.

But for someone to seriously think the iPod is more of a fanshion statement than an MP3 player overwhelms me with anger

Its almost like saying the sky is more of a color than it is the sky.

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