Tuesday, January 17, 2006


His latest run-in with the law has led to Pete Doherty having to scrap a gig - and you know how much he hates not turning up for a gig. Problem is, this one was meant to be in Austria and the organising radio station had to cover the costs, estimated at £120k of the cancelled event, including the private jet which would have flown the band to the centre of Europe.

Still, at least the station will have saved the band's appearance fee, reckoned at fifty grand. Money that Pete could have done with, as he has apparently been buying Jaguars. The car, not the cat.

Presumably because he was so taken with the advert Mr Sting did for them, he's bought three of them. We're not sure how this squares with him not having a pot to piss in, or his cherished man of the people image, but it does mean he could go into the wedding car business if venues get tired of booking a band who don't turn up.

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too sick said...

Even for The Sun that's an outrageously stupid story.

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