Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Can't she just be happy for him? Like an archetypal old lady at a wedding, Eminem's grandma snorted when he remarried Kim. Granmama thinks that Kim's just after his money. Which would at least be a more comforting thought than "he's changed since he sang about murdering me and my child", which is the sort of violent behaviour even Rith Kelly might think about before giving a second chance.

Incidently, if you divorce someone twice, do you get one half of the other person's stuff, or one half for the first time, and then one half of whatever's left? Can you protect your initial alimony in a prenup? Or since it comes between weddings, is it called an internup? Eminem's gran doesn't see this as being important, as there isn't an agreement anyway:

Betty Kresin said the star was “stupid” for not making Kim, 30, sign a pre-nuptial agreement to protect his millions.

Betty, 66, said at her home in St Joseph, Missouri: “Kim will take everything. She’ll go through all his money.

“She wouldn’t want to get married so quick if he’d got a pre-nup.”

“Kim is very controlling. She’s turned him against his family.”

Yes, that devious woman who deliberately engineered a divorce, bitterness, unpleasant attacks against her on every radio station in the land. That Kim is so in control there.

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