Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Madonna and LourdesMadonna has put her foot down - yes, we know, who ever thought Madonna would come over all insisting? - and barred Lourdes from auditioning for the part of Luna Lovegood for the next Harry Potter movie.

Not, as you might think, because Lourdes is about half the age of the rest of the cast and it would look ridiculous, but because Madonna wants to spare her kids from the glare of the camera until they're old enough to make an "informed choice" about seeking celebrity. You can see Madonna in this picture here, protecting Lourdes from the glare of the unforgiving public eye by standing next to her at a film premiere, bravely trying to suck up all the attention.

She's doing the same thing in the second photo, too, where - somehow - Lourdes found herself at a book launch event for one of her mother's Kabbalah kids stories. Quick thinking Maddy thrust a book into her hands and got her to read aloud from it, thus sparing Lourdes from being part of a showbiz event.

We're sure Madonna's just keen to make sure that her daughter doesn't find herself centre of attention when her mother isn't there to protect her by soaking up all that attention herself. What a wonderful mother.

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Anonymous said...

The second pic wasn't a book-launch, it was at a children's hospital visit and Madge reckoned she'd lost her voice, causing Lourdes to read. I was there and seriously, by the end of it, I felt like punching both of them.

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