Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Not because of any of the usual reasons you can think of for banning Phil - artistic considerations, his general demeanour, the Genesis connection. Nope, ironically considering Collins' role in getting the terms of copyright extended (in his favour) across Europe, his label have fallen foul of French law with their DRM. Warners have been fined somewhere over five grand for selling a CD which deprived French consumers of their right to make copies of the songs thereupon - and, while it's hard to imagine why anyone might want to record a Phil Collins song on any media, the principle the judgement has upheld is one that the French consumers group has indicated its prepared to uphold in the appeal courts if required.


Anonymous said...

Or as the Sun would say, "Collins dubs France: 'Land Of Confusion'". This is one more reason to love the French despite the fact they seem keen to want multiple copies of Phil's tat around.

Anonymous said...

Simon, you mentioned DRM without including "hobbled", are you OK?


Anonymous said...

Loathe as I am to say it, it should be pointed out that the landmark "Phil Collins" judgement was brought about due to a company in Germany selling bootleg live CDs, not regular CDs - The outcome of the ruling was however (basically - google for the full story if you want) to extend copyright durations in Germany to bring them into line with other countries.

It is, however, now known universally as "The Phil Collins Judgement" which, apart from being a great name for a band or a reality TV show, is kind of like having a turd named after you.

However, some people may think that's rather apt.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I claim first dibs on "The Phil Collins Judgement". Now what kind of music should I play?

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