Tuesday, January 31, 2006

GENNARO CASTALDO WATCH: GG goes international

We knew that these small islands couldn't hold a man of Gennaro Castaldo's wisdom and ambition, and so we're not surprised to spot HMV's man's first transatlantic appearance, on the website for CBS' Early Show, no less, talking about the Arctic Monkeys, and explaining to the Americans that they came out the internets:

"They came to the attention of the public via the Internet, and you had chat rooms, everyone talking about them... to actually have a band that seems to have done it for themselves … who, through their fans, managed to get it on the Internet, get that kind of buzz going and now achieving this huge chart success, I think that's why the media responded and why the broader record-buying public has reacted as well."

But don't worry, Gennaro isn't going to abandon us to have to flail blindly without his razor-sharp insight. Oh, no: he's also on hand to explain to LifeStyleExtra that Pete Burns' appearance on Celeb Big Brother has helped the sales of Dead or Alive:

"The Dead or Alive single has done really well after only two days. It has received a lot of attention with Pete Burns being on Big Brother and it was re-released at the right time.

"There is only 700 sales separating the top three so I expect the race for top spot will get pretty hot as the week goes on."

If only someone could combine the internets with Celeb Big Brother, who knows what we might see, eh, Gennaro?