Thursday, January 19, 2006


We hope that we can expect to see the full costings of the stunt pulled by Hertforshire Police, who have sauntered over to the Big Brother house and arrested Pete Burn's coat on suspicion of being a gorilla. Of course, there is a chance that it is made from an endangered species, and that would be horrible. But the police getting involved? We're glad we don't have to fund this sort of showboating by the cops.

Elsewhere, as Faria Alam left the house, one of the tabloids sought out Preston's real life girlfriend, and prodded her enough to make her say she was pissed off with his behaviour; while Galloway's opponents in the other House were disappointed to discover that he'd sent his signatures for the disputed early day motions through the post. But they will take heart that they've got more than enough to throw at him when he gets back.

Isn't Michael Barrymore being quiet?

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karl said...

From my point of view, this is fantastic. I'm trying to convince my 12 year old son that the forces of law and order aren't a bunch of humourless killjoys, they're a sober and serious bunch who think long and hard before acting. And when they do, it's only in defence of us law abiding types.
Thanks a fucking bunch. Dimwits.

karl said...

No, I'm serious. Thanks to you idiots in the fucking Met, my children are convinced that they can get away with anything, so long as they're not irish, black, a brazillian electrician, and not actually caught hanging out of the back of a kindergartner. They can mug, rape and pillage the whole of south-west london so long as they're not wearing the skin of a primate. For pity's sake!

Cob said...

I DO think it's funny.

Especially as a Simpsons fan - isn't it great that the police finally caught up with Mr Burns and his 'vest made from real Gorilla chest'. Apparently, they are also questioning him about his lofers made from gophers and his grizzly bear underwear, amongst other wardrobe/wildlife items.

Reckon Pete could do a cover and get to number one?

'Oh please won't you see my vest...'?

simon h b said...

Cob... I suspect you should be on the phone to a record label straight away.

I'm serious.

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