Friday, January 20, 2006


That noise? Oh, that'll be Girls Aloud sobbing their hearts out as they discover that James Bourne, who used to be in Busted and is now in Son of Dork won't be setting his cap at them. Oh no, he only wants to date the little people:

“I don’t want to go out with someone famous. I just want a normal girl who is a waitress or something.

“I can see the advantage of going out with someone who is famous because you can both relate to what it is like being in the limelight."

That's a good point, James, and so it makes sense for you to scale back your aspirations as your own limelight starts to fade. Although, to be honest, you might find waitresses are a bit out of your league as you adjust to the reality of waiting calls from the Where Are They Now? researchers.

Meanwhile, James is looking forward to next month:

“I’ve booked a restaurant for Valentines Day but I’m not sure who I’m going to take yet. I can’t make my mind up.”

Having told the Sun that you've booked a table without any real date in mind, won't that girl feel so special when she discovers she was a last minute addition to the romantic night. Still, James would be just as happy with a mirror.

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