Friday, January 20, 2006


The ongoing Met Police investigation into the Moss & Doherty cocaine sniffing video (when they've spent hundreds of thousands finding the criminal, they intend to spend more trying to work out who the victim actually was) has dragged Mick Jones out of Big Audio Dynamite into the mess.

Oh, alright. Big Audio Dynamite and The Clash.

Jones was producing the Babyshambles album and is meant to be on the Daily Mirror video of models and musicians snorting coke, although The Sun this morning suggests that he's being treated as a witness rather than a suspect. Presumably the police interview was along the lines of "we're not angry, you're not in trouble, we just want to know how long we should throw Doherty into prison for."

The police are still hoping Kate Moss will return to the UK so they can ask her about where the drugs came from, almost as if they think Kate holds the key to the case - again, we're not sure but the logic seems to be "she's the most famous person on the video, so she's bound to know the most." In the same way that it's always the actor you recognise in The Bill who's at the centre of the crime.

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